Nike RunTO

This interactive website was built to coincide with Nike’s city wide multi-million dollar advertising campaign. This website won my client, Henderson Bas, its first “Best in Show” at the Digital Marketing Awards & was featured internationally in Communication Arts, ID Magazine, Applied Arts “Design and Advertising” Annual edition, and the One Show at Cannes. “With a campaign and event as distinctive as RunTO, an experimental web site was the only way to go. Conceptually, we pushed the limits of flash to create a site that isn’t just about running. It actually is running itself. ”

Awards & Press: At the 2003 Digital Marketing Awards it won “Best of Show”, Integrated Campaign – Gold, Experimental Award; Media Innovation Awards – Best of Show over 1 Million dollars; Canadian Marketing Associaton Awards Interactive – Gold Medal; Also featured in ID Magazine, the One Show in Cannes, Communication Arts Magazine and Applied Arts Design & Advertising Annual Edition.

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