MediPixel App

Next Gen Mobile Training for Medical Devices

Developed as a new line of products for Lab9ine technologies. Lab9ine’s new line of training apps for medical devices, called Medipixel (and PixelLayer for non-medical devices), addresses the need outlined in current research for more active, tactile, and self-directed learning strategies in this ever changing industry.

Unlike currently existing systems, Medipixel broadens the pool of available learning styles to the medical professional by applying an experiential learning model via a unique combination of emerging technologies. This unique combination of technologies delivered on a mobile device, employs Augmented Reality, virtual 3D models, and touch screen learning interactions with real-world devices.

The advanced analytics system supports industry compliance standards and allows the software to track the user’s interactions and knowledge retention related to every key feature of a medical device. This multi-language training platform is also highly adaptive and can be readily maintained as a standalone entity or integrated into an existing system.

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